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Physical Therapy

Relieve pain and inflammation of injury. Improve or restore mobility, flexibility, and overall functioning. Helps to build strength.

Chiropractic Care

A modality that is centered on harnessing the body’s natural ability to heal itself without drug use or surgery.


A technique effective in treating a variety of both physical and emotional symptoms using insertion of fine needles.

Massage Therapy

Increases circulation to the muscles which helps decrease inflammation, and loosens tension for better flexibility.


Experienced and dedicated staff

The physical therapists at New Jersey Rehab Experts consist of a diverse group of professionals, all of whom are highly trained in their respective fields.  Many have areas of concentration and advanced certificates. The physical therapists and massage therapists have also completed rigorous programs in either physical therapy or massage therapy and are licensed to practice either physical therapy or massage therapy.

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Back Pain

Learn the quickest ways to end back & neck pain and stiffness naturally.

Hip, Knee & Leg Pain

Learn tips to walk further for longer with less knee pain.

What patients say

Five plus stars physical therapy – very professional and with a heart. After a couple of month I was reborn – went from 10/10 knee pain (meniscus tear) to near pain free. Great P/T specialists, accupuncturist, chiropractor, equipment, two convenient locations in Jersey City (Newport and Grove St). Always flexible when it comes to schedule, reliable – billing, changed my routine when I felt I need more challenge, always with a smile and treat you like a family. Thank you very much, NJRE – coming soon for my appointment:) and will highly recommend this place to anyone!

Very patient-oriented!

Nicole H.

I had a truly wonderful experience at my appointment and I look forward to going back. There was no wait at all and the entire staff was helpful and full of positive energy. They all really seem to be fully invested in the wellbeing and happiness of all their clients and I highly recommend them to anyone looking for anything in this field.

Esther S.

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