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Active Release Technique

New Jersey Rehab Experts is dedicated to offering our New York City and Jersey City patients the very best leading technologies. Contact us to learn more about how Active Release Techniques (ART) can help your soft tissue injuries or damage.

What is Active Release Technique?

Considered one of the premium choices for soft tissue treatment, Active Release Technique was designed by Dr. Michael Leahy in Colorado Springs, Colorado. His goal was to develop a treatment modality that effectively alleviated soft tissue problems that were not being addressed by traditional protocols.

ART aims to restore function, movement, and texture in soft tissues and also release any nerves or blood vessels that have become entrapped. Specific protocols are applied to remove soft tissue adhesions or fibrosis that occurs after an acute injury, overuse, and excessive pressure or tension. Your New York Rehab Experts is a credentialed provider for ART and we are happy to offer this revolutionary treatment to our patients.

Is the Active Release Technique the same as massage?

Active Release Technique may closely resemble massage, but this treatment method is so much more than that. While massage therapy works well as a complement to ART, massage kneads at adhesions which can be quite painful to patients. ART incorporates light, gentle touch in conjunction with lengthening the affected muscle groups to apply greater tension to the scar tissue. As a result, the adhesions break up and pain is greatly alleviated.

What conditions can Active Release Technique treat?

An assortment of conditions may be treated by utilizing ART. Disorders and injuries throughout the body may be largely improved with ART. These may include:

This list is not comprehensive. There are many more conditions which may be improved with this specific, highly effective movement-based method of soft tissue treatment. If you are suffering from a condition or injury that may be relieved by ART, contact your New York Rehab Experts to set up an appointment. For more information, Contact us at Jersey City, NJ.