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Diagnostic Testing

If you are unsure of a medical condition, the New Jersey Rehab Experts can conduct diagnostic testing to adequately pinpoint the problem. Patients in New York City, New York and Jersey City, New Jersey may call for an appointment to have diagnostic testing completed.

What is diagnostic testing?

Diagnostic testing is a procedure carried out that helps your health care provider determine the primary cause of your symptoms, the severity of a condition, and which type of treatment protocols may be most effective for alleviating the issue. When you visit New York Rehab Experts at Transformative Health, our team of skilled physical therapists must thoroughly assess your case before determining how we may be of service to you. This happens so that our team of physical therapists can provide you with timely, problem-focused, and efficient health care.

What should I expect during diagnostic testing?

What happens during diagnostic testing will generally be determined by the type of testing you are having done. Your doctor and health care team will discuss any risks or concerns associated with given tests and also walk you through what they are looking for. You may be given pamphlets or asked to watch a video to better understand specific tests.

What does diagnostic testing look for?

Diagnostic testing basically strives to identify the source of a given health problem and also helps your health care provider determine which treatment methods may be effective. Tests may also be performed to assess the outcome of a given treatment protocol. For example, your doctor may order testing to see if your coordination or range of motion has improved over the course of treatment.

How soon will I know the results of diagnostic testing?

We understand that you may be in a hurry to find out the results of health care tests. Many of our patients have been to various doctors and dealt with a condition for an extended period of time before coming to us. However, the time frame for results may vary. Your doctor will alert you as soon as possible in order for you to learn the results of diagnostic testing.

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