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The experts at New Jersey Rehab Experts have helped many residents of both New York City, New York and Jersey City, New Jersey with ergonomics. Regarded by many people as some of the leading ergonomics specialists in New York City and Jersey City, the providers are both pleased and honored to help people who live in these communities.

What Is Ergonomics?

Ergonomics is a quickly growing field that studies people and their surrounding environments. It seeks to reduce issues that are caused by poor positioning. A lot of ergonomics services focus on helping people in their work environment because many people spend 40 or more hours working each week. Ergonomics doesn’t have to be limited to helping someone in a job setting, though; it can also help people improve their posture in their car, at home and in almost any other setting.

What Issues Can Ergonomics Help With?

Ergonomics is able to help with a number of musculoskeletal disorders. A few examples include the following:

It can also help with muscle fatigue and muscle strains, including muscle strains in the lower back.

Who Provides Ergonomics Services?

Many different medical providers offer ergonomics services. Some of the most qualified providers are physical therapists and chiropractors. Physical therapists often study ergonomics during their training, and some specifically focus on the field. Chiropractors not only study ergonomics, but they spend years learning about the body’s musculoskeletal system. Thus, they’re particularly qualified to provide treatments for musculoskeletal disorders. In some cases, physical therapists and chiropractors work together to provide patients with a comprehensive level of care that combines the practical perspective that physical therapists have with the musculoskeletal expertise that chiropractors have.

What Should Patients Look for When Selecting an Ergonomics Specialist?

When choosing an ergonomics specialist to see, patients shouldn’t just go to any licensed physical therapist or chiropractor. They should, of course, look for someone who is licensed, but they should also seek out someone who focuses specifically on ergonomics. The leading ergonomics specialists have lots of experience helping people in a wide variety of settings, including work, home, and school. They may also have advanced certifications in ergonomics that go beyond the minimum training requirements for their profession.

What Is an Ergonomics Appointment Like?

An ergonomics appointment is a lot like a typical doctor’s appointment. During the appointment, the provider will review the patient’s concerns, signs, and symptoms, and they will likely ask about the patient’s environment. Once the provider has the information he needs, the provider will make any appropriate recommendations.

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