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At New Jersey Rehab Experts in Jersey City, New Jersey and New York City, New York, providers have helped many patients who needed orthotics. The providers at New York Expert Rehab are respected by both peers and patients as some of the region’s top orthotics specialists.

What Exactly Are Orthotics?

Orthotics are a type of prosthetic device that goes into shoes. They look like insoles, but they’re more advanced than standard insoles. Orthotics are customized to properly support the feet so that they’re correctly aligned.

Although orthotics adjust the foot’s position, they don’t just address issues with the feet. By correcting the feet and giving them the support they need, orthotics can address alignment issues that affect other areas of the body. They can help with pains in the legs, hips, back and elsewhere that arise from misalignments.

Can People Wear Orthotics With Any Shoes?

Orthotics can be worn with many different types of shoes, including most sneakers and flat dress shoes. Some high heels, narrow shoes, pointed shoes, and sandals, however, won’t accommodate orthotics. Patients who wear shoes like these may need to invest in new footwear when getting orthotics.

How Long Does It Take to Get Orthotics?

Since orthotics must be custom made to fit a patient’s feet, it can take a little while to get a pair of orthotics. At an appointment, a chiropractor will examine a patient’s feet and gather the information needed to make the orthotics. The chiropractor will then order the orthotics from a manufacturer. Once the orthotics arrive, the patient will return to receive them and make sure they fit properly.

Usually, this process takes a few weeks. Patients can ask their chiropractor how long the process typically takes when they’re scheduling the first appointment.

How Long Will a Pair of Orthotics Last?

How long a pair of orthotics lasts depends on the type of orthotics, what they’re made out of, how often they’re worn and many other factors. In general, most orthotics are designed to last a few years if patients wear them every day during routine activities.

Who Should Consider Orthotics?

Because orthotics can be used to address a variety of musculoskeletal issues, anyone with aches and pains might want to talk with a chiropractor about getting orthotics. During a visit, a chiropractor can assess a patient’s specific symptoms and determine whether orthotics are the best choice of treatment.

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